Winerun – Rioja Alavesa Wine Run

Wine Run

  • Run in the spirit of wine.
  • Through vine surrounded paths and trails.


What is the Wine Run all about and what does this 4th edition involve?

The “Rioja Alavesa Wine Run” is a sports, gastronomical and cultural event that has been held in Rioja Alavesa since 2016. The two first editions took place in Laguardia and the third and this current edition in Labastida.

This fourth edition will be held on Sunday the 27th of October. The event has 10-kilometre and 20-kilometre runs, a fun 10-kilometre walk and a wine and gastronomy fair. Participants walk or run between wineries and vineyards, getting to know and enjoy this winemaking region at a time of year when the scenery is at its most beautiful, after the harvest.

Those taking part in the fun walk receive a wine glass when they collect their bibs, which they can use to taste three different wines during the route at the local wineries. People taking part in the runs receive their glass when they cross the finishing line. Also, all those who register are given the official shirt together with a bag and free tickets for the Wine and Pintxos Fair which is held in the same town of Labastida when the events are over.

Registration must be completed using the form on this website to participate in any of the categories (“Registration” section). This is not necessary for minors if they want to take part in the fun walk as companions.

Origin of the Wine Run:

The Wine Run started in Lanzarote thanks to the Island Council and Kenneth Gasque, founder of the Lanzarote Ironman event.

With the sporting spirit that aims to protect its own culture, the Rioja Alavesa Wine Run arrived on the peninsula. Two running events, 20 kilometres and 10 kilometres, as well as a third event in the form of a 10-kilometre fun walk between vineyards and wineries.

This is a truly unique event, with two locations that bring together spectacular and varied wine growing areas. The Rioja Alavesa Wine Run aims to promote Rioja Alavesa and reclaim its tradition and culture of family wineries and small century-old estates at the foothills of the Cantabrian mountain range, along with their hills and secluded spots. An exceptional location that breathes tradition and beauty, joined together with sport in a unique way.


Rioja Alavesa Wine Run 2019 – Labastida

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