Winerun – Rioja Alavesa Wine Run

Wine Run

  • Join in with the spirit of wine.
  • The perfect choice before a walk in the mountains.
  • Through vine surrounded paths and trails.

What is the Wine Run all about? It is a wine related sporting challenge. The Wine Run started in Lanzarote thanks to the Island Council and Kenneth Gasque, founder of the Lanzarote Ironman event. An amateur sporting event, which aims to save “La Geria”. Where wine is made through cultivation of the island’s soil and ash.

With the sporting spirit that aims to protect its own culture, the International Rioja Alavesa Wine Run began. With two routes available at 35km and 12km. An event where you can take part in an organised run through the vineyard and wineries.

This is a truly unique event, with two locations that bring together spectacular and varied wine growing areas. The International Rioja Alavesa Wine Run aims to promote the Rioja Alavesa and reclaim its tradition of family wineries and small century old estates at the foothills of the Cantabrian mountain range, along with their hills and secluded spots. An exceptional location that breathes tradition and beauty, joined together with sport in a unique way.

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