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Wine Run Rioja Alavesa Rules


1. Registration:

  • a) The registration involves the reservation of your place.
  • b) Cancellation of registration. Refunds will only be given for serious and properly justified reasons. Requests for refunds must be sent to the email address info@riojaalavesawinerun.com at least one week before the race.
    Deadlines for refunds::

    • Before 20 October, 50% of the registration fee will be refunded.
    • After 20 October, no refund will be given.
  • c) Registration includes:
    • Chip timing (in the races, not in the popular walk).
    • Race programme.
    • Competition bib number (for race participants).
    • Refreshments during the race.
    • Medical assistance in case of emergency.
    • Position in the race.
    • Official race T-shirt.
    • Recovery area and food after the race (for participants in the races).
    • Locker for the participants in the races.
  • d) The registration period will end on 20 October or as soon as there are no more places available in each distance or category.
  • e) Failure to attend the event will imply both the impossibility of recovering the registration fee, as well as obtaining gifts (shirt, glass of wine, etc.). Instead, another participant could be collected these details on the same day of the event, as long as he show the inscription of the absent person at the time of picking up his/her number.

2. Requirements for registration:

  • a) For the 20 km race, you must be of legal age on the day of the race.
  • b) For the 10 km race, all those over 14 years of age on the day of the race can participate, with the following conditions:
    1. When they collect the bib number, children under the age of 16 must present properly completed authorisation from a parent or guardian, accompanied by a copy of their parent’s or guardian’s ID. In addition, they must present a document proving that they are sufficiently fit to take part in the race, which may be issued by an athletics or sports club or the corresponding sports federation.
    2. For those over 16 years of age, presentation of the properly completed authorisation from the parent or guardian will suffice.
  • c) To register for the popular march it will be necessary to be of legal age. Those under 18 years of age can do it for free accompanied by an adult.
  • d) The organisation will not be held liable in the event of injury, accident or negligence, both involving first and third parties, or for the loss of personal items belonging to the registered persons.
  • e) Reading and accepting these rules and conditions.

3. Obligations:

  • a) A sporting attitude and respect for the environment.
  • b) Stay within the route marked by the organisation for each of the categories.
  • c) Do not litter or cause damage to the route (there will be waste bins at the refreshment points).
  • d) Provide assistance to any other participant who requires it or inform the nearest control point of any incident.
  • e) Follow the instructions of the members of the control team and the organisation.
  • f) Do not intentionally obstruct another runner.
  • g) Wear the bib number at the front so that it is visible.
  • h) In the event of abandoning the race, it is obligatory to notify a member of the organisation and to hand in the bib number.
  • i) The Wine Run is organised with absolute respect for the environment, and respect for the vineyards and private property in general is mandatory.
  • j) The bib numbers are personal and non-transferable.
  • k) The organisation will be obliged to remove from the circuit anyone who is not wearing a bib number that is visible.

4. The race and route:

  • a) The final route for the race and the refreshment points will be published on the website and in the social media before the race.
  • b) Bad weather will not prevent the race from going ahead, as long as the weather conditions are not extreme and do not involve any danger to the physical safety of the participants. The organisation reserves the right to establish an alternative route or to suspend the race.
  • c) Two control points and a closing time for the race will be established as security measures. Participants will be informed in advance about the cut-off times for the control points. There will be another time limit at the finish line for each category.
  • d) The organisation will not be responsible for the contents of the participants’ backpacks.

5. Documentation:

The organisation will upload the following documentation to the website which you will be able to download:

  • Race profile.
  • GPS route information for the race.
  • Disclaimer document.
  • Authorisation forms.

6. Refreshments:

There will be several refreshment points distributed throughout the course for runners and for walkers. You will be informed in advance of the products that will be available for the participants at each of these and their location in the circuit.

7. Image rights, advertising and data protection:

The organising body exclusively reserves the WINERUN image rights, as well as those relating to the audiovisual, photographic and journalistic exploitation of the competition.

8. Data Protection:

  • a) By registering, the participants give their consent for the organisation of the race to process their personal data, automatically and exclusively for sporting purposes.
  • b) As established by LOPD-GDD 3/2018, the participant has the right to access these files in order to rectify or cancel all or part of their content.
  • c) In addition, the registered participants expressly grant the organisation the right to reproduce their name and surnames, position in the race, category, race time and image.

For any queries, please contact the Technical Secretariat at info@riojaalavesawinerun.com


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