Wine Route

Wine Route Rioja Alavesa


Participants can take advantage of wine tourism related special offers. Do not miss the chance to visit a winery or take part in a wine tasting session, as well as experiencing the Rioja Alavesa wine for yourself

The Wine Route is an association that brings together wine tourism companies in the Rioja Alavesa region. Wineries, Accommodation, Restaurants, Wine Cellars, Museums, Tourism Guides, Leisure activities…

The possibilities are endless, and is an exceptional addition to make your visit to the Rioja Alavesa to take part in the Wine Run a great experience for you and your fellow guests.

Should you require accommodation, want to visit a winery or find a place to eat or drink. This place, with its unmistakable aroma of wine, is just for you.


Turismo euskadi Turismo euskadi Turismo euskadi Hazi Hazi La Rioja Alavesa Abra Ruta del Vino Rioja-Alavesa Ayuntamiento Labastida

Cocacola La brasileña
info@riojaalavesawinerun.com | 945 134 242
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