The focal point of the race will be Labastida, a small village with a lot to see: for example, there are two churches dating back to the 13th and 17th centuries, two old quarters that are replete with aristocratic palaces, walls and arches, which once served as the gateways to the town. Then there are the medieval tombs of Remé lluri. However, these are not our most prized monuments, since the wine that fills the casks in our wineries is the heritage that treasure the most.

This will be the location for the start and finish lines of both the races and the popular walk. At the same time, the Rioja Alavesa Wine and Gastronomy Fair, which we have organised to coincide with the Wine Run, will be located in the area adjacent to the finish line. Each participant will receive free vouchers for the fair in their participants’ bag.

Labastida information

Turismo euskadi Turismo euskadi Turismo euskadi Hazi Hazi La Rioja Alavesa Abra Ruta del Vino Rioja-Alavesa Ayuntamiento Labastida

Cocacola La brasileña
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